Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

This "skin enhancer" is unlike anything I've ever tried before.  It's supposed to be an all-in-one magic pot of foundation and concealer goodness.  Of course I needed to try this.

Here is what it claims to do (from Sephora):

"What it is:
A waterproof makeup enhancer for the face that provides sheer and complete coverage and hydrates the skin. 

What it does:
Cover all your bases with The Sensual Skin Enhancer. This all-in-one, waterproof formula delivers complete coverage when used as a concealer, highlighter, an allover foundation, or to contour your features. Infused with jojoba and honey, it works to hydrate the skin, and it is formulated with minerals that support the skin and is sweat proof and transfer resistant for full coverage and long-lasting wear."

Price: Retails for $48 for 0.63 oz.

Packaging: Comes in very small jar (think eye cream sized).  The product itself is very, very thick.  If you were to turn the jar upside down, the product wouldn't budge or go anywhere.  I do wish it was somehow packaged differently so that I wouldn't have to stick my finger in it each time, but because the product is so dense and thick, there is really no other way that would work.  I can see how people may opt for using a spatula of some sort to scoop out product.  However, the product is so intensely concentrated that I have not really needed to dig my finger in or anything.  The lightest touch of my finger on the surface of the product picks up more than enough.  If I'm using it as concealer, I literally need a pinhead-sized dot and I'm good to go.  If I'm wearing it as foundation, I also barely dab my finger on the surface, picking up about half of a pea-size (for full-coverage).

Can we just oooooh and ahhhhh at the pretty box for a second?

Application: This absolutely needs to be applied with a damp Beauty Blender or sponge.  There is no other way to apply evenly on the skin.  Using a brush would probably create a splotchy mess.

Finish: This foundation sets to a demi-matte finish.

Color: I picked up the shade SX06, which is a great match for my NC25 skin.  It runs very yellow, which for me is a good thing.  I would only recommend this shade for those that want/need an extremely strong yellow undertone.

SX06 on NC25 skin
Coverage: Surprisingly, this product is absolutely versatile and can be used at an endless range of coverage levels.  As concealer, it is the fullest coverage out there - just take a pinhead-sized dot and dab dab dab.  The warmth of your fingers will melt it into your skin.  As foundation, you can really customize the coverage, which a bit of patience.  I usually go for full coverage, so I would just take my time and bump it into my skin with a damp beauty blender.  For heavier coverage, I would stop blending as soon as I sheered it out to the coverage I desire.  However, if you continue blending with a damp sponge it continues to sheer out.  Just stop blending when you get to your desired coverage level.  I thought that because the product is so thick and dense, there would be no way to wear this other than full coverage.  Not so.

Final thoughts: I think this product is pretty amazing.  The versatility of it gives you so many options for wearing, and the color match is phenomenal.  I think this is great for makeup artists to have in a kit, but just as great for makeup fanatics like myself to have.  I am a big fan.

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